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Rule Differences Between Soccer Divisions in AYS:

This page summarizes the differences between the full FIFA Laws of Soccer vs those used by the AYS In-town Grade 2/3 recreation league. It only attempts to show how the rules of the competition do not exactly follow the standard FIFA rules.  Other than these exceptions, the FIFA rules apply.

 Grade 2/3 In-town "Borders" program with Hopkinton (2nd & 3rd graders)

NOTE: All games must start on time!  It is the referee’s responsibility to inspect the field, corner flags and goals, then check-in the teams and whistle them onto the field 2-minutes before the posted start time so you can start the game right on time.

 Rules that differ from regular soccer:

- 6v6 small sided format – this includes goalkeepers

- 4 player minimum required to play (including goalkeeper)

- Ball size: #4

- 25 minute halves with 5 minute halftime break

- Unlimited substitution on ALL throw-ins, ANY goal kick, after goal, and start of half – BUT, the coach must ask for subs and wait for you to acknowledge before sending players in.
- Allow players one (1) re-take for foul throw-in (after instructing them on proper technique)
- Opposing players must stand back at-least 8 yards from free kicks / corner kicks

- With the INTOWN "Borders" program: ALL FOULS will result in Indirect Free Kicks (IFKs) - EVEN those that occur in the penalty area!

- With the INTOWN "Borders" program: NO Penalty kicks (PKs) are to be awarded.

 IFK/DFK/PK Explanation: These last two changes are very important and I want all Referees to understand and apply them accurately:

 "ALL FOULS in Grade 2/3 Intown will now result in an Indirect Free Kick (IFK)"

This means that when you whistle *any* foul (IFK or DFK offense), the restart will ALWAYS be an Indirect Free Kick.

 "No PKs in Grade 2/3 Intown"

This means that when you whistle *any* foul (IFK or DFK offense) that occurs in the Penalty Area, the restart will ALWAYS be an Indirect Free Kick (IFK).  What's more, for the resulting IFK the ball will be placed on the line marking the Penalty Area nearest to where the foul occurred.

- NEW for Fall 2013: on GKs, the opposing team must back-up past the mid-line (on their own side of the field).

- Goal kicks not allowed past midfield in air (ball must touch your side of field before crossing)

- No keeper distributions past midfield in air (ball must touch your side of field before crossing)

- No offside rule at this level

- No slide tackles allowed (whistle for a foul if a player does this to another player)

Referees:  If you are unsure of, or have *any* questions about these rules please email or speak with me before your game.
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